V-RESAS System in Japan

There’s a beautiful and informative system running in Japan called “V-RESAS” where RESAS stands for: Regional Economy Society Analyzing System I guess the “V” must mean “Visual” because it’s gorgeous.

Florence Nightingale (1850s)

By examining the soldiers who were dying in the hospitals as compared with the soldiers dying in the field, Florence Nightingale created a visualization to explain how the sanitary conditions of the hospitals were causing more deaths than the battlefield. This was during the Crimean War and an example of how “Nurse Nightingale” should be… Continue reading Florence Nightingale (1850s)

Cholera in London (1854)

John Snow’s map is one of the world’s first examples of leveraging visualization to track down the center of an epidemic. He placed bars to represent individual deaths at each location in a London neighborhood to figure out where the outbreak actually came from. Answer? A water pump.