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Safety Eats The World™ is trademarked by Everbridge, Inc.

This is a blog started by @johnmaeda in late 2020 on the topic of #criticalevents and #digitaltransformation. Because now, more than ever, we are seeking more reliable levels of safety through new technologies like Critical Event Management (CEM). When successful, we move from “risk management” that can mitigate downsides, to “risk taking” that can grow upsides.

Marc Andreessen famously wrote a piece for the WSJ entitled “Why Software Is Eating The World” in 2011. Given how all we can think about these days is whether we’re out of harm’s way, I’m wondering if the right phrase for these days is instead, “Safety eats the world.”

What would happen if the tech stack were to be built from the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, instead of from the very tippy top — i.e. the hedonistic palace of the social media giants of today. Might realize a more meaningful kind of tech that our world needs today? I think so.

Learn more about Critical Event Management if you’re curious about going deeper into this space with your organization. It’s pretty cool.

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