Farewell to la bise (and handshaking)

Getting used to avoiding handshakes was one thing, but in France (and other parts of Europe), la bise is on the out. I heard this from a friend during the April 2019 timeframe when C-19 had just started to land — and in a small village in France they were ostracized for not engaging in the tradition of la bise.

When I was in Silicon Valley, there was a famous venture capitalist who always refused to shake hands. Instead, he went by the “fist bump” — which he claimed resulted in him rarely catching colds.

So I thought it interesting how the SHRM has given new guidelines for how to manage workplace salutations. They are:

  • Nod and smile
  • Do “the head dip”
  • Briefly wave
  • Take a bow
  • Do a namaste
  • Give old-fashioned eye contact