The C-Suite Digital Transformer: COVID-19

Around March 2020, a multiple-choice question was circulating everywhere as a graphic that made us all chuckle. It introduced a C-suite member that we weren’t really thinking about out in the context of a company’s digital transformation journey. Not the CEO. Nor the CIO. Nor the CMO. It was the C-O-V-I-D-1-9.

The first instance I saw of it was this screencap that was shared all over the Internet:

I believe this might be the original …

I made my own version in a more clean way, but the original certainly does the job better thanks to its patent messiness.

This is the version that I made for the CX Report

Variations on the theme via Twitter

There are all kinds of “mods” to the idea that you might find interesting. I’ve collected a few of them below. Enjoy!