Global Risk Is Increasing carried a popular article at the end of 2020 claiming that social unrest is the new norm. There’s an article referenced from earlier in the year from the CSIS that is super interesting.

The root causes it lays out are:

  1. Global ICT (Information Communication Technologies)
  2. Global youth unemployment and underemployment
  3. Perceptions of inequality and corruption
  4. Environmental stress and climate change
  5. Global literacy and education
  6. Cities and urbanization
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COVID Regulations By Country (and by U.S. State)

I started searching for the above today and recognize it should be “COVID-19 regulations by country” but the shorthand seems to work well enough. What I found was a lot of information that covered similar territories. And as a result, it becomes unclear how to figure out the most up-to-date info. That’s not a criticism of course, but more of a statement of fact with respect to how we have so much information available to us these days — but it’s unclear which is the most up to date on the Internet. Locally-sourced information definitely beats globally-sourced information right now.

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